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Parents & Caregivers

Whether an autism or disability diagnosis has recently been given to your child or you are just seeking additional services and ways to help your child, JAC can assist you in your journey through education, understanding, and application for day-to-day situations and scenarios. Stop feeling overburdened and alone and receive help to further your child’s development.

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Support & Education

The Jackson, MS area does have resources that can assist you, whether your child has an autism spectrum disorder or another disability. Visit our resources page to learn more about what this area offers for you and your family, regardless of your child’s age.

Please continue checking back as new material is being added frequently!

Educators & School Districts

Educators and school districts may be looking for additional ways they can help students with ASDs in the classroom and within the school setting. JAC can not only assist school districts and teachers in setting up classrooms to meet the needs of kids with ASDs, but also with individualized education plans and how to teach students.

Professionals & Advocates

JAC can assist other professionals such as SLPs, OTs, PTs, etc. in day-to-day working with students with autism in a manner that assists the professionals in understanding more about autism and the ways children with autism learn. Through education, professionals become more able to meet the children’s needs and individualize teaching strategies for each child.