Jackson Autism Center

Jackson Autism Center (JAC) is a center designed to meet the developmental needs of children, including but not limited to: educational, social, communication and language, behavioral, and self-help skills. The focus of JAC begins with the child, followed by the family, and ultimately the school and community environments. Learning strategies for children attending JAC will vary, as children’s learning styles vary. There is not one strategy that works for all children and so JAC will fit your child’s program to meet the needs of your child. Some of these strategies include: verbal behavior, applied behavior analysis, SCERTS, TEAACH, sensory integration, and augmentative and alternative communication.

Dr. Rebecca Mullican

Dr. Rebecca Mullican

Rebecca Mullican received her PhD at the University of Southern Mississippi and has twelve years of experience working with students with autism. She has received extensive training in the areas of teaching students with autism, communication, socialization, behavior, and sensory integration. Dr. Mullican knows about current trends surrounding autism and using cutting-edge techniques with her students.

Dr. Mullican’s training experience is as diverse as her teaching styles as she fits intervention to each individual child. Her trainings range from ABA and verbal behavior to SCERTS, social stories, augmentative and alternative communication, and LAMP. She also has years of experience with behavior challenges and positive behavior support. Dr. Mullican provides consultation and training and presents at conferences on a regional and national level.

Dr. Rebecca Mullican was a hands-on teacher and provided materials for teachers and assistants working with her students on a yearly basis and as needed throughout the year. She met with each general education class that has a child with autism included in it, provides information to the students on autism, and how to interact and include the child appropriately. She motivated teachers and parents alike to stand up for their child and have high expectations. Parents of her students are highly impressed with her classroom and their child’s progress while taught by her. Students enjoy coming to school and are pushed to achieve their maximum potential.

Dr. Rebecca Mullican has a passion for providing intervention services to children with disabilities. Rebecca left the classroom and founded Jackson Autism Center to make a greater impact for kids with disabilities, families, and the community. She believes that each child needs a program built around how he or she learns; there is not a one-size-fits-all.

Rebecca is married to Bryce and resides in the greater Jackson, Mississippi area. She has a small child and enjoys spending time with her dog and cat. When she has spare time, she loves watching movies, traveling, photography, scrapbooking, collecting pressed pennies, and spending time with family.

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