WJTV News in Jackson, MS Airs Autism Stories

WJTV will be airing two stories about autism just in time for the holidays. On Christmas Eve, you can catch a story about Jackson Autism Center and what services are provided to children with autism spectrum disorders here. On New Year’s Eve, tune in again to hear a story very close to Dr. Rebecca’s heart about autism and elopement.


These stories will air at 5:30 and 6:30 am, 12:00 noon, and 5:00 pm on Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve.

Education and advocacy are so important for families with autism. As we approach such a special holiday season, if you see a family having a hard time, please ask if you can help. Helping them get checked out, get out of a store and to their car, waiting a little extra long in line as they get checked out, offering a smile or a “Happy Holidays” is so appreciated. Children with autism look the same as other children. This makes it difficult for someone who isn’t familiar with autism to automatically know this child and family may need extra support. If you see a child running away and a parent running after or distressed, ask if they need help or help stop the child. Children with autism are not being bad or naughty; they have different needs than we do and are easily put into shut-down or meltdown mode by all the things to see, smells, noises, and movement.  By offering some of the things listed above, you could make someone’s afternoon.

Dr. Temple Grandin Speaks in Jackson, MS

Dr. Temple Grandin gave many in Mississippi hope as she spoke about what it’s like to have autism, what parents should do, and how to push these students! If you think your child may have an autism spectrum disorder, don’t wait! Early intervention is key for these kids! I am proud to work side by side each day with parents who are working to help their child reach their potential!

(Video embedded below, but if it doesn’t work, please follow the link above.)