Dr. Rebecca Mullican Named an “Autism Light for Mississippi”

Recently, Dr. Rebecca Mullican was added to a list of “Autism Lights” for Mississippi. Alan Stokes, author and father of a child with autism, started putting together a list of autism lights for every state in the United States. The lists vary from individuals with autism to individuals who help make the lives of people with autism better. Dr. Rebecca Mullican was added to this list June 5, 2013.

This is what Mr. Stokes had to say: “Dr. Rebecca Mullican is an Autism Light because of the impact her diverse autism work is having to improve the lives of those with autism and to inspire and teach those who will one day work with those with autism..” You can read more about Dr. Rebecca Mullican here and search the Autism Lights website for other individuals who have had an impact on autism throughout the United States or internationally.