What kids have to say…

“I don’t wanna go to school. I want to see Ms. Becca.”

(Arriving a few minutes before Dr. Mullican…) “She’s gone! I’m ruined!”

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What parents have to say…

(My son) has never had a friend. His language skills have prevented it. He has made so many gains since his diagnosis of autism, but friendships have eluded him. Over the last 16 years, (my son’s) receptive language has improved to where he understands almost everything he hears and he has shown an interest to me, in friends.
So, as with most things about Autism, I watch for therapies, classes, and help.

(He) started a social skills class at the Jackson Autism Center last Fall. He responded so well just with the first class, not to mention the rest of the classes. He seemed quite glad to work on verbalizing feelings, talk about kids at school, answer questions that he was asked. After each session, (he) would get in the car with a smile. His active language improved a bit, which is significant. Even better, his vocabulary about feelings and social rules increased.

We have a ways to go, before there’s a rich and deep friendship, based on societal norms, but it gave me hope that my son Will have friends. This class and (my son’s) successes gave us a great start and an understanding that, like everything else, practice makes ‘perfect’. Perfect is for zealots, so we’ll settle for Happy. We’re ready to keep practicing.

Thank you, Miss Rebecca and Miss Lisa!
Barbie Scobee

“As a parent, I saw you [Dr. Mullican] encourage and push my son to be more independent and worked on his social skills. When he started in your class he did not want to go into regular ed, he was always standing behind the assistant. Now, he loves being with kids and isn’t shy about it. He loves going to regular ed and prefers that class vs. sped class. He still needs help on appropriate responses though.  These kids have to learn to deal with real life stuff! They have to be taught how to respond correctly in social situations because it doesn’t come natural to them…Academically…you [Dr. Mullican] taught him point touch math, you [Dr. Mullican] used pictures for vocabulary which I thought was perfect for him. etc. He is very independent at home now and doesn’t want my help for much. At school, his teacher told me he goes around the school on his own.” Tanya Fritz

“The day we met you! I want to remember the many blessings that God has given us by letting you be a part of our lives. Rebecca, thank you so much for everything. Words can not express how grateful we are for having you as (my daughter’s) teacher these past few years. I want you to take this journal and record all the great memories to come in your life, because you have a gift. There are not many teachers out there that care as much as you do. You will always be an Angel in our lives, and (my daughter) will remember you for years to come. You have truly put a Handprint on her life! So thank you.” Lauren Watkins

“Dr. Rebecca Mullican works wonders with children. She was (my son’s) first true teacher to help (him) with how far he has come today. I suggest that if you have or know someone that has a child with some form of autism, let them know about Jackson Autism Center.” Kuiper Rowzee

What professionals have to say…

“I have known Dr. Mullican since 2007, at which time I was fortunate enough to have received training from her in a special education classroom specifically for students with ASD. In the educational setting, she focuses on high priority needs and provides hands-on direction and training to the students and those that work closely with the students. Dr. Mullican is passionate about working with children that experience the daily challenges of living with deficits in communication, social, and behavioral skills. She is creative in her approach and uses research-based practices in her intervention. As a special education teacher, I continue to consult with Dr. Mullican on a regular basis to remediate challenging behaviors in the school setting. It has been a long time coming for parents, educators, and advocates to have access to the experience, specialized-education, and expertise Dr. Mullican has to offer.” Christina Guarino, M. Ed.

October 20, 2012

“Dear Rebecca,

I am thrilled to hear you have started your own business! Any child that is fortunate enough to have you in their life is certainly blessed.

I still remember when I worked with you at Madison Station Elementary 8 years ago. I was so impressed with the love and attention you gave those children.  You always knew there was more inside those little heads.  You just had to use the right method to pull it out.   One day, someone asked me if I had been babysitting in the autistic class.  I responded, “NO, you have obviously not been in class with Rebecca Mullican.  She teaches, no babysitting in there!”

I was so blessed to have been able to work in the classroom with you.  I feel like I became a better person because of you. Many prayers and good wishes coming your way!” Tammy Evins

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