Dr. Temple Grandin Speaks in Jackson, MS

Dr. Temple Grandin gave many in Mississippi hope as she spoke about what it’s like to have autism, what parents should do, and how to push these students! If you think your child may have an autism spectrum disorder, don’t wait! Early intervention is key for these kids! I am proud to work side by side each day with parents who are working to help their child reach their potential!

(Video embedded below, but if it doesn’t work, please follow the link above.)


Dr. Temple Grandin Speaks in Jackson, MS in December 2014

You won’t want to miss this opportunity to hear Dr. Temple Grandin speak. She will be at a Jackson conference Monday, December 8, 2014. Dr. Grandin is the author of many books about autism and an individual with autism herself. She always brings excellent information to families and professionals alike about what it is like to have autism and function in the world. If you have never heard her speak, you should register! Along with Dr. Grandin is her mother Eustacia Cutler and Dr. Melmed, a developmental and behavioral pediatrician who co-founded and directs the Southwest Autism Research and Resource Center.