Never Taking For Granted Those Tiny Little Moments

This is an oldie, but a goodie…last spring I had the joy and honor of telling the story about why I opened and run Jackson Autism Center. I love that I’m able to work with a variety of ages, stages, and abilities. I love offering hope when it may seem futile. And I love “never taking for granted those moments…whether they be small or large”

Recently, Dr. Rebecca Mullican along with one of her clients, had the joy to share their stories with the Aha Moment presented by Mutual of Omaha. Dr. Mullican shared about opening Jackson Autism Center while her client, Sabrina, shared about her daughter with autism and finding Jackson Autism Center.

Dr. Mullican’s Aha Moment

Dr. Mullican’s AHA moment- the object Dr. Mullican is holding in her hand at the beginning is a flying pig. This flying pig is special to her because a few of her students’ parents gave it to her as an end of the year present to symbolize that she helped teach their child things that they didn’t think would happen “until pigs fly.” Guess what? Pigs fly every day at Jackson Autism Center!

This is Sabrina, whose daughter attends JAC. She is making progress every day and it’s so exciting to see what she will say or do next! Even on a hard day, she can push through to show her potential

WJTV News Story about Jackson Autism Center

Recently, Andrew Harrison, a WJTV news reporter, visited Jackson Autism Center and interviewed Dr. Rebecca Mullican and a few parents. The news story shows that Jackson Autism Center’s focus is on interventions specific to the child and family’s needs. These needs range from academic help to social, behavioral, communication, and even self help or toileting skills. Families receive special attention and answers to their questions as well as a guide along the autism journey. Children of all disabilities are welcome at JAC and will thrive with the attention they receive. Do not hesitate to contact us– whether your child was recently diagnosed or does not yet have a diagnosis, but you and your family need help. JAC is a growing community of help for individuals with disabilities and their families. Thank you for allowing us to be a part of your community!