Friday Five: Five More Favorite Apps

Here are five more apps that are sure to please!

  • Toca Boca Kitchen & Kitchen 2– These are awesome for a variety of ages and goals! From simply requesting which character and telling them to “cook” or “eat” to making complex sentences or directions about what to cook, how to cook something, etc. Always a big hit!
  • Daniel Tiger Day/Night– This app is fun because it visually shows a picture schedule of the things Daniel needs to do to get ready for his day or ready for bed. There are special things in the app to work on buiding imaginary play skills too.
  • Feelings with Milo– This one is also great for a variety of kids- from simply choosing an emotion to writing a journal about which feeling you are feeling and why. It makes an emotion train that gets longer each time you use it!
  • Spin & Speak– This app provides an opportunity to work on skills from feelings to answering questions to more complex questions about getting lost, explaining what makes you mad/sad, and problem solving skills- all while you move through the game board. First, you “spin” and then you “speak” and answer your question.
  • Touch Math– By adding touch points to numbers, this app gives kids a multi-sensory experience for learning numbers and giving an understanding to “how many is 2?” After learning the touch points, kids can use them to add, subtract, multiply, and divide- and they are also able to be faded in some cases/with some kids.