Summer Class Offerings at JAC

There will be social skills classes, “Acting Antics” Theatre Class, and “Singing Time” classes available on a limited basis this summer at Jackson Autism Center.

Don’t worry if you think your child is not cut out for theatre- the class is made up to work on social skills like interacting with peers through games and a deeper understanding of emotions. There will be lots of games to play and fun activities with their friends. The class will meet once a week for one hour for 8 weeks during June and July (with the exception of the week of July 4). Groups will be divided by approximate ages 5-7 and 8-10. Children who participate should have the following skills to best match the class: uses phrases and sentences to communicate, has a basic understanding of simple emotions (happy, sad, mad, and scared), is able to stay on task to play a game with a small group of peers for approximately 5-10 minutes (some reminders to stay on task are okay), follows 1 and 2 step directions easily, and is able to ask and answer questions (some help may be needed).
You can sign up here. Class days and times will be announced, but will more than likely be on Wed. afternoons or Thursdays. Classes will be one hour long.
Children who do not currently attend Jackson Autism Center will need to complete a 15 minute introductory session to assist with class compatibility.
If this does not sound like a good fit for your child, but you are interested in group services, please complete a contact form.
Another offering JAC is excited to have is “Singing Time.” This class is geared towards children approximately 2-4 years old who have little to no verbal skills. Moms, dads, or caregivers will attend this class with their child. “Play and Sing” will focus on incorporating music, sensory, and language activities for children who are beginning learners. Class days and times will be announced, but will more than likely be on Wed. afternoons or Thursdays.
We would like to hear from you if there is a class you are interested in, but it doesn’t suit your child’s needs. Please fill out a contact form so we can better meet your child’s needs.

WLBT Highlights Yoga In A Classroom For Individuals with Autism

A Madison, MS special educator incorporates yoga in her classroom. Janice Stack at Madison Central, teaches a class for teenagers with autism. She has incorporated yoga into their classes 2-3 times a week. This WLBT story highlights the benefits she has seen by incorporating yoga into their routine.

National Autism Association lends a Helping Hand for Autism Therapies

The National Autism Association is helping parents pay for therapies for children, teenagers, and individuals ages birth to twenty-one. Parents can apply here if your child has been diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder and your family income is less than $50,000. The NAA realizes the costs of autism intervention, the percent insurance pays or doesn’t pay, and wants to help make that affordable for families.There are limited funds so apply now! Jackson Autism Center is so excited about this opportunity!