Jackson Autism Center in Parents & Kids Magazine January 2014

Jackson Autism Center is proud to be a part of the 2014 Special Needs January edition! You can find our ad in the Family Resource Guide as we are here to serve families and help kids with disabilities on all levels! In the magazine, you will also find an article about autism.┬áThe article reminds us how important it is for parents to seek assistance if they feel that their child is not developing typically. Autism is being diagnosed at age 3, but characteristics may be seen earlier. It is important to know the early signs of autism, such as atypical eye contact, lack of communication and social skills. Dr. Buttress states how important it is to have an experienced expert design a plan for your child and fit the plan to the child not the child to the plan. She went on to explain the uniqueness of children on the spectrum and there is no one size fits all plan. Well stated Dr. Buttress! If you find yourself in need of a leader for your child’s team, let Jackson Autism Center be a part of your child’s specialized plan.

Dr. Rebecca Mullican Speaks at ATIA’s Yearly National Conference

Dr. Mullican has been invited to speak again at ATIA’s 2014 national conference this month in Orlando. The Assistive Technology Industry Association (ATIA) assists individuals with disabilities using all types of assistive technology and helps parents and professionals be better prepared too!

Dr. Mullican will be speaking about the use of Speech Generating Devices (SGDs) with child-directed play. Since her years in the classroom, Dr. Mullican has found child-directed play along with the use of speech generating devices assists individuals with autism to communicate. Do SGDs only benefit individuals with autism? No! SGDs help a variety of individuals with disabilities to communicate, from children who are not yet talking to children who only use echolalia to individuals who have difficulty being understood when they speak.

Here is more information about all of the sessions that are being offered at ATIA. Hope to see you there!