Light it Up Blue, Mississippi! April 2, 2013

April 2 is World Autism Awareness Day. Buildings and houses will “light it up blue” to increase autism awareness throughout the world. Mississippi has its own facebook page for families┬áto share how they will support “Light It Up Blue.” I am proud to say that the University of Southern Mississippi will light buildings blue in honor of World Autism Awareness Day.

As we learn more about autism and see increases in rates of autism, it is more important than ever to share with the world about autism and increase autism education. For parents who struggle in the grocery store, toilet training their child, or even communicating with their child, we will Light It Up Blue! Help educate people who think these children are behaving badly.

You can help by buying blue light bulbs at Home Depot or Lowe’s. Many people put a blue light on their porch for April 2. Another way you can help support this special day is visiting Autism Speaks and purchasing a shirt or other promotional products, donating, or helping spread the word.

I am ready for April! I have already ordered and received this year’s stash of Light It Up Blue shirts as well as a few past shirts. I hope to see your posts on facebook about how you shared in autism awareness day April 2, 2013.


Oh, The Places Dr. Rebecca Mullican Will Go!

January 2012 272Although this is not my favorite Dr. Seuss book, it is the most fitting for me on this first anniversary of the defense of my dissertation. Dr. Seuss’ birthday will never be celebrated in quite the same way for me. However, I saw it so fitting that I receive my PhD on Dr. Seuss’ birthday 2012 in honor of all of my students, past, present, and future, who love the books and ideas Dr. Seuss brought to us. He has come to mean so much to me over this past decade as his books have motivated and reached so many of the kids I teach. Last year was a Dr. Seuss year for me! While traveling to speak at conferences, I was able to attend a special Dr. Seuss exhibit in Chicago, visit the Dr. Seuss Land in Orlando, and defend my dissertation on his birthday.

Dr. Seuss (actually pronounced to rhyme with voice) was not so different from some of the kiddos I work with. His books were inspired by his genuine desire for everyone to be treated equally and by the fact that he was not treated equally by peers. I learned this at the special exhibit at the Field Museum in Chicago. He was reading complex books at a very early age and was inspired by his mom who worked in a library. His dad’s influence came from his job at the zoo and the taxidermy projects he brought home.Ted was allowed to paint and rearrange the animals which led to him making new animals which we know and love from his books.

I am so excited on this anniversary to be the founder of Jackson Autism Center. I am looking forward to what this year will bring for the individuals and families I have the joy of serving. I know that working as a team, expecting great things, we will continue to be amazed with the progress we see. High expectations are part of what I believe to be the success I see within my clients. Enjoy Dr. Seuss’ birthday and all of the successes your child has had so far…and remember…